Thursday, September 19, 2019

Great News......

Congratulations to our students, teachers, parents, and community for this awesome accomplishment!  The ratings are in......we received an "A" rating!

Friday, September 6, 2019

2019-2020 Homecoming Court

Kindergarten Royalty
Ross Vernon & Riley Ross

7th Grade Maids
Hannah Moffett & Aubri Eaves

8th Grade Maids
Madison Beatty & Anna Claire Druey

Freshmen Maids
Ashtyn Drury & Sydney Rogers

Sophomore Maids
Lemuel Carrol & Hailey Simpson

Junior Maids
Jalia Cotton & Ashley Clark

Senior Maids
Madison Alford & Anna White

Lady-in-Waiting – Gabby Keel

2019 Homecoming Queen – Kaylee Gregory

Teacher Spotlight!

The following teachers’ classes scored in the TOP 10% in the STATE on state assessments.  Congratulations on a job well done! 

Brandi Garrard            4th ELA                            Top 3%
Marlena Nance             4th Math                          Top 6%                         
Marsha Roeland           5th Math                          Top 5%
Jenny Ming                  6th Math                             Top 8%
Courtnee Graham        7th ELA                             Top 1%
Kelly Maddox                7th Math                           Top 2%
Cindy Stroud                English I                            Top 4%

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


STOPit App empowers students to stand up against bullying

 LMSD/Nanih Waiya has enrolled with STOPitthe leading technology platform for schools that deters and controls harmful or inappropriate conduct. STOPit empowers students with an easy app to safely and anonymously report anything of concern to school officials – from cyberbullying to threats of violence or self-harm. STOPit empowers   students to stand up for themselves and others while giving our schools the insight we need to keep students safe.

With STOPit, students can submit anonymous reports containing text, photos, or video. Administrators are then able to manage incidents in a backend management system called DOCUMENTit. DOCUMENTit provides efficient and powerful investigative tools to our staff, including the ability to message with the reporter, which will allow us to address issues instantly.

STOPit does more than just help schools address incidents and mitigate risk. STOPit will also help us go beyond reacting to bullying and inappropriate behavior, and instead start deterring it. As young people continue to engage more with technology every day, we are taking a proactive step to empower our students to become Upstanders in our community in the way that they feel most comfortable. We believe our adoption of STOPit is an important step in our continued effort to provide a positive school climate and a safe learning environment for our students.

To learn more about STOPit, please visit

Download STOPit Today!

Access Code for Nanih Waiya Attendance Center: