Friday, October 5, 2018

Attention-Policy Change

October 5, 2018 

Parents and Students, 

The Louisville Municipal School Board made two changes to the student handbook on October 4, 2018 board meeting. 

The first change relates to drug testing (See page 54 in the student handbook).

 If the 28th day falls on a Saturday or Sunday or a holiday, the student can be tested on the Friday prior to the 28th day. 

The second change relates to vaping and vape paraphernalia (See page 36 of the student handbook.). This change treats vaping as a serious offense. Note that the consequences for having a vaping product in one’s possession can result in ISS, OSS or expulsion. 

Use of, or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs (including Vapes, Vaping products, e-cigarettes, etc.) on or near school grounds or at school sponsored events will constitute steps 5 to 6 on the policy discipline ladder.