Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ms Luke's STEM classes have been studying the design process since returning from Christmas Break. On Tuesday they put what they had learned to a test. They had a design competition in which they had to constructed a paper tower using one sheet of colored paper, scissors, and only 30 cm. of tape. The tower had to be free-standing for 10 seconds and the tallest tower earned the most bonus points. 

Ms Luke's 1st period class had a group that constructed a 32 inch tower!
Dylan Tabor & Austin Richardson

Ms Luke's 4th period class had a group that constructed a 25 1/2 inch tower!
Christian Fulcher, Hunter Shafer, & Kyle Jones
Ms Luke was very proud of her students' performance on the activity; "They worked extremely well together and created a variety of designs that worked well. I observed a large amount of brainstroming and thinking outside the box. We even had a two new types of designs that have never been attempted before during the unit. I'm very proud of their performance today."