Monday, December 23, 2013

CAPPS After School Program

The CAPPS after-school program is currently in its fifth year of service to the students in the Louisville Municipal School District. Students in grades five through 12 continue to receive tutorial services for mathematics and reading. Students attending the CAPPS program also have the opportunity to complete art projects, participate in various learning games, develop good character through character education, and participate in PE activities. 

 CAPPS meets Monday-Thursday from 2:45-3:00 and is open to all students in grades five through 12 in the Louisville Municipal School District. Students attending Grace Christian School and Winston Academy are also eligible to attend the CAPPS program.

CAPPS will not meet during the Christmas break, but will resume on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. The CAPPS staff would like thank the parents of our students for their continued support, and we want to wish each of our students and their families a Happy Holiday Season. For more information about the CAPPS After-school Program, contact our office at 662-773-2035.